Who are Zporty?

That’s a great idea! , according to a friend, and then another friend and then another ….

Zporty started because friends where finding it frustratingly difficult to meet other likeminded people to do sports with. This was especially true if you just wanted to have fun rather than compete. Many friends had transient lives, either being students or working abroad, which magnified the problem further.

As we got speaking with more people and more sports clubs, a “Pandora’s box” of problems where explained to us, all the problems where to do with – Finding – Socialising – Organising in sport.

With these problems in mind Zporty was created to: Find a Player, Team, Coach, Game, for any sport anywhere! – filter by Age group, Skill level, Gender, Location

Problems that Zporty aims to solve?

  • John couldn’t find a PLAYER to play tennis with
  • Alex couldn’t find a TEAM to play hockey with
  • Mary couldn’t find a swim COACH for her daughter
  • Susan couldn’t find a water polo GAME to play in
  • Samantha couldn’t find a VENUE to play volleyball
  • Tom couldn’t CONNECT & SHARE his beer-pong photo’s with likeminded people
  • Joanne couldn’t find people to play SOCIAL card games with
  • Stephen couldn’t find PLAYERS or suitable VENUES for wheelchair sports
  • Paul couldn’t find NEW sports that where just for FUN
  • Elaine found it really difficult to use other SOCIAL MEDIA for sport
  • Gloria found it very difficult to ORGANISE the logistics of her daughter’s netball games
  • COVID DOCUMENTATION is an acute pain for all sports clubs and sports organisers

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