Covid-19 Administration

Zporty is helping simplifying the Covid-19 administration process for sports organisation – helping you get back to doing what you love in a safe environment

A unique Covid-19 administration tool for sports organisers!

As Covid-19 continues to restrict our society, mental health problems are rising dramatically. Sport and physical activity have been proven to improve both physical and mental health. Using Zporty can enable safer participation in sports and physical activity. This is the only free Covid solution of its kind available for all sports.   

The current requirement for the manual completion and storage of “Covid free” declaration forms by every individual sports participant per meeting is a major pain for sports organisers, not to mention being ineffective. Zporty has digitalized the process, so that sports organisers can focus on their sport rather than administration. If a participant does have Covid symptoms after an event, the organiser can simply download their “Covid Event File” and share it with the authorities. They will also be able to instantly inform all of the participants from that event in seconds, rather than in days or weeks, by using Zporty’s unique Event Chat System.

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